Saturday, July 31, 2010

Looking GREAT in a REAL Potato Sack Dress

Paige Pearson is a wonderful young lady who was the Junior Miss Blackfoot 2009-2010

In this picture she appears wearing a FABULOUS potato sack dress that was custom made just for her. After all, Blackfoot is the "Potato Capital of the World!"

Paige Pearson displays her spectacular potatosack dress with a Spud Drive-In Movie Theater Truck (the truck is cute too!!!!)

Come to think of it, YOU would look fabulous in a potato sack dress as well!!!

Happy Potato Sack Sewing!
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Purses Made Out Of Feed Sacks

It is just so wonderful to see a purse that is made out of a feed sack!
I love the "green" feel to it.I love the outdoor, rural feel of reusing an existing burlap sack.
I love the feel of living off the land and making due with what you have that a real potato sack purse gives.

I love the feel of farming and country living that you get when you think of the original purpose of the feed sack.
Purses made out of burlap sacks are just wonderful!
Purses made out of feed sacks make you feel good to be alive!

The patterns to potato sack purses pictured and others are available at
{which is also the place to get your own genuine potato sacks....}

Happy Potato Sack Sewing!

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Coffee Sack Curtains~Valances

Have you checked out these burlap coffee sacks? They are so incredibly spectacular!
I love the way the vintage burlap coffee sacks are intact: not cut into at all. 
No cutting, no sewing....
Just some draping and tying.
Soooooo fun!  So simple!
So spectacular!
This is really a FABULOUS project. Very very nice!!!

Love 'um!
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Burlap Curtains {Coffee Sack Style}

Potato sack curtains are the ultimate in cozy rural home country charm.
These burlap curtains {made out of genuine coffee sacks} are just amazing and fabulous and PERFECT!!!
They look adorable on the outside....
And they look charming on the inside!
Burlap sacks are so much fun!!!
A very successful art and sewing project by Fairophelia
I love it!
Nice work, Angela!

:-) Crystelle
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To view additional coffee or potato sack curtains, please follow this link.
Potato Sacks are available right here

Monday, July 26, 2010

Burlap Sack Shabby Journal

I am just totally in love!!!!
Check out how CUTE cute CUTE these shabby burlap sack journals are!They are made by Rebecca Sower.
Visit her blog for some inspiration and great photography!

Nice work, Rebecca!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Burlap Wreath on the Front Door

Is there a better way to welcome people to your home but by using burlap?
I think NOT!!!!! hahaha!!

Alisa from the Tidy Nest made this wonderful burlap wreath to welcome her quests as they come to her front door. I think she did GREAT!!!

Nice work, Alisa!
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Burlap Potato Sack Sewing Instructions

Sewing with Potato Sacks is fun and definitely CUTE and creative! But......If you ever thought that sewing with burlap potato sacks is easy~schmeezy, think again!....:~)

Unfortunately, sewing with potato sacks is nothing like sewing with burlap fabric you buy form the fabric stores ......Potato sacks are woven quite loosely, and you must be very careful in your preparation, or the individual jute fibers of the potato sack will get snagged, and pull out or break........

It is so sad when that happens to a sewing project that you worked so hard on and turned out so CUTE!!!!!


After having worked with potato sacks for some time, and having tried all kinds of different strategies and techniques, I have come up with some tips and tricks to make your sewing and or crafting with potato sacks LAST somewhat longer...!!!!! :)

The suggestions are all included in the tutorial:

Potato Sack Preparation Tricks and Tips {PDF eBook}

I give away this PDF file for free to anyone 
Just follow this link to my official website

Love to hear from you!
Especially if you send me pictures of what you have made!!!!
Love to see all the creativity out there!

It is totally worth the little extra time to use these extra methods to ensure your potato sack project will LAST!!!! :)

You will be SO MUCH happier with the end result!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Burlap Bag with Folded Burlap Rose

Nancy from La Maison Reid made this VERY cute French style burlap bag with a wonderful folded burlap rose on it!
The tutorial to make your own folded burlap rose is right here.
she did a VERY GREAT job! Don't you think! I love the way it looks! So clean and simple!
Nice work, Nancy!
:-) Crystelle
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Burlap Sack Shoes

Look at this AWESOME SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thrilled! Isn't it so fun?! Whoever thought of that! It's a great idea!

I would totally wear it!

{"So would I" says my oldest daughter}

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Burlap Boutique Purse in Orange

Here it is: an ORANGE Ginny Potato Purse!The Ginny Famous Potato Purse has long been a Crystelle Handbags favorite, and here it shows up again....

The Ginny Famous Potato Purse is so much work to make, but then when you are finally done, you sit back and look it over, and you realize that it is just such a happy cheerful little bag you just can't help but smile..... :) .... BIG!!!! :D

  • This particular Ginny Handbag has CUTE cheerful orange lining (which Leslie picked out....)...
  • This Burlap Potato Sack Purse is for my friend Leslie's birthday. (today!!!!)

  • She happens to be going on a 23 mile run on her birthday!

Good for her! Go Leslie!!!! :-)

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View more pictures of this cute potato sack purse right here

Crystelle Handbags and Crystelle Boutique

The Famous PotatoPurse was first created by designer Marijke Mill of Crystelle Handbags.
She combined her love for potatoes and designing into the burlap potato sack handbag {aka the Potato Purse}.

Christmas 2008, the website "CrystelleHandbags" was launched. It featured several different designs of bags, all made out of genuine Idaho Potato Sacks.
Marijke was quite surprised at how fast her business took off! People loved the Famous Potato Purse and ordered them by the dozens!!! She got busy cutting and sewing and cutting and sewing. Soon she realized that she couldn't keep up and desperately needed help! Some fabulous "sewing girls" came to the rescue and things started to become a bit more manageable.....The growth of the business was AMAZING!!!!!
And Marijke learned a few things along the way!
  1. Running a business takes up a LOT of time {away from the children, I am embarrassed to admit}
  2. At the end of the year she was NOT profitable.... shockingly! {especially considering how busy she and the "sewing girls" had been...!}
  3. Her favorite part of the business was the DESIGNING of new patterns.....
So when the new year 2010 came around, she rededicated her business to pattern design, and renamed it Crystelle Boutique

It has been a lot of fun to dedicate her energy to design, and if people still want potato purses, they can make them themselves using the patterns and the potato sacks that are for sale at her EtsyBoutique.

And that's the story, and I'm sticking to it!
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Crystelle Boutique is the parent company of Crystelle Handbags

Fun Potato Bag Sewing Patterns and Genuine Potato Sacks are available at EtsyPotatoBoutique

Father's Day Sewing Idea

This sewing idea for Dad is really great, because it is an easy sewing project, and he is certain to actually put it to use PLUS: It's dang cute!!!

Fathers just LOVE to get busy at the grill cooking up the meat! {especially steak it seems like....}
So Dad definitely needs one of these grill mitts to make the perfect T-bone! An Idaho Oven Mitt
{aka Grill Mitt}

Get your own potato sack right here to sew up one of these

Hot Potato Mitts.... Sew them up while they're HOT!

heeheeheehee :)
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Gunny Sack Totes

These burlap totes {made out of coffee sacks} were produced in Michigan. Burlap Boutique is run by a wife and mother who loves to recycle and reuse, and who loves coffee! Thus she began creating these fun bags!
Good for her! Sounds like the perfect combination for her!

Very fun!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Rustic Potato Sacks Make Great Teacher Gift

My daughter insisted that her teacher loved Idaho and pillows, so her teacher thank-you gift was an Idaho Potato Sack Pillow!

Potato Sack Pillow

Her teacher was pretty excited.
The assistants and student teachers ended up with "Hot Potato Mitts...."
Oven Mitts made out of genuine potato sacks
Hot Potato Mitt

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Burlap Remote Control Storage Container

This storage bag is the perfect size to contain all the remotes that are always laying around in the living room. The name "CrystelleHandbags" typically denotes purses and bags to carry around, but a container that looks like a potato sack bag and just sits around, holding your precious items is JUST as useful, and just as much fun!
I know I took these pictures outside, but.... it looks good inside the house too... believe it or not.....
I love it.... I'm very happy our remotes of many sorts have a happy home now!
Remote Control Storage Solution
Isn't it adorable?
Potato Sack Very Adorable Storage Container

You need one in your TV room! It will look good, and you will never loose your remotes again...
So much fun! {I should say: SEW much fun! hahaha}

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chic Haute Potato Bag (aka PotatoSackPurse)

Hello Blogging Buddies! I made another Melissa Handbag!

I love this easy to sew pattern. And the bag always turns out so fun and great.
Exciting! This bag WANTS to go out on the town!
This very bag and the pattern is available for free at the main website:  CrystelleBoutique
See you there! Have a fantastically happy day!
The Melissa pattern is a creation of Crystelle Handbags
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Potato Sack Handbag/Purse/Bag with Rosettes

This famous potato sack bag is available for purchase right now at the Etsy Boutique.
Made out of true Idaho genuine potato sacks!

Run on over there to grab it before someone else does!

Don't you just love burlap rosettes....?????

July 2012:
The Melissa Handbag sewing pattern is now a free download.

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Burlap Rosettes are the HOT thing to make {and EASY too!}

I just love the way burlap rosettes look. I want to add them to ALL my sewing projects now!

And the good news is that they are just easy schmeezey to make!

In the picture I added some burlap rosettes to this Melissa Famous Potato Sack Purse.

Good Times!
Happy Sewing!

Update, July 2012:
The Melissa Handbag Pattern is now a FREE download

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