Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Burlap Chic Pillow with Doily Sewing Project

I think what was so successfully created in this pillow (I especially like the little one) is the CONTRAST between refined and relaxed.
The intricate crochet of the doily gives a FABULOUS delicate ambiance, while the burlap is coarse. Beautiful combination! My compliments to Tara, who fashioned it.
Way to go Tara!
This would absolutely look very good on your own porch too!
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Find Tara's blog right here.

Simple Uncomplicated Burlap as Upholstery Fabric

Burlap is quickly becoming a highly desired textured spotlight. I have been fascinated with genuine potato sacks for some years now and am thrilled to see how burlap is now being used as an upholstery fabric. It gives a simple, uncomplicated feel, perfect for contrasting with more classic pieces. It creates a relaxed yet refined look....
I think it just TERRIFIC!!! Looks good in any decor style!
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Buy your own Genuine Potato Sacks Right HERE

Amazing Burlap Chair

This AMAZING burlap chair was featured in the November 2009 issue of Canadian House and Home
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Chair Barrymoree; fabrics, Designer Fabrics. Photo by Michael Graydon.

Burlap-Chic Decorating

Isn't this driftwood lamp with the burlap lampshade FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't want to dust that driftwood, but I would definitely want to enjoy it! Now the lamoshade would look good anywhere!

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One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four....

Five Potato, Six Potato, Seven Potato, More....

I think this sounds like a familiar counting game to all of you!
It is so fun to involve kids with counting and games with every-day objects such as potatoes, set to rhyme. Studies have shown that rhyme is a wonderful way for children and adults alike to memorize.

How to Play this Potato Counting Game
Have the children stand in a circle, holding out their hands in a fist. (You can either have children hold out two fists, or one. My preference is two.)
The first person to be "it" goes around the circle, tapping the fists with each number mentioned in the rhyme.

One Potato, Two Potato
One potato, two potato,
Three potato, four,
Five potato, six potato,
Seven potato, more!
The fist that is tapped at the time of the word "more" is "out" and needs to be held behind the preschooler's back. The whole group keeps repeating the rhyme over and over while "it" continues to tap on the fists around the circle, until only one fist is left. That preschooler is the new "it."

Fun times!

Good way to choose someone to take on a special responsibility.... or just to practice counting and having fun together!!! :)
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the Potato Sack (and others similar to it) is available right here.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Burlap Curtains (Potato Sack Style)

Bonjour tout le monde....!!!
{That's French for "hello everyone...!!!!"}

 Congratulations to me....

I finally got some window coverings done in the laundry-room today...!!
{Maybe I should say:  Congratulations to the laundry-room...!!!hahahaha..!!} 

This is cause for celebration, as we have lived in this house 
for eight~and~a~half years now...!!
Embarrassing....., I know.....  :-(
We never had any window coverings, curtains, blinds, or anything before today....!!!  :-)
{With only cows as neighbors, it did not seem like a great priority.... }
But now we do...!!!
 Aaahhhh....  {a sigh of relief....}

All I did was drape some potato sacks over a rake...
{yes, you heard right....}  NO SEWING!!!!!

I kinda folded them how I liked....
Tied some ropes around to keep things in place...
And VOILA...!!!!
{more French lingo... heeheehee}
They have a little bit of a print flaw or burlap "irregularity" here and there,
but not distracting at all......
In fact,.....I think it really adds.....

I kinda like 'um....
The potato sacks are from right here...
Aren't they cute.... And EASY...

:-) Crystelle
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To view additional burlap potato sack curtains, please follow this link....
au revoir mes amis
{hahaha...more French...}

Orange Sunset Haute Potato Sack Purse (Ginny Style)

Yes, I made another Ginny Potato Purse!
I swore I would never do it again, because they are so much work, but when my friend requested one for her birthday I could NOT turn her down!!!!!

So here it is. It is so cute, I forgive it (the purse, that is) for being so much work!

And isn't the lining she picked out so cheerful!!!
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When making your own purse out of a potato sack, go right here to get the genuine burlap printed Idaho Sack, and a pattern
To view additional purses made out of feedsacks, please follow this link

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spuds Unearthed

There is a fabulous potato exhibit at the United States Botanical Garden In Washington D.C.

Spuds Unearthed!

May 8 – October 11, 2010

East Gallery

The humble potato has been called the hero of foods. Originating in the Andes of South America, the nutrient-filled potato has been taken across the globe and saved populations around the world from starvation. From fingerlings to big bakers, purple, red, yellow and white, the spectacular spud family is widely diverse, yet we tap into few of its more than 7,000 varieties. And it’s got personality —as the endurance of Mr. Potato Head demonstrates.


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A Potato Sack Lamp......!!!!

Now, I would have NEVER thought of doing this! But it is a great idea! Fantastic!!! I would love to see a lampshade made out of a potato sack that actually shows the actual print on it.... Nice addition to any decor...!

Very "Idaho"
Very "chic"
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I found the picture right here.

Potato Sack Races are a Blast

I love this photo of this girl so happy to be hopping around in a potato sack!
Potato Sack Races are the best!
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Photo by Ryan Holloway Photography

Sew a Mr. Potato Head Bag

What could be more "Idaho" than a potato sack bag for your Mr. Potato Head!!!

This is a great way to organize your Mr. Potato Head and all his body parts! And not to mention it is a great way to keep little hands busy...

To read how Jessica made it, there is a detailed tutorial on her blog right here....
Thanks Jessica! It is very creative!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Shabby Chic Burlap

A scrumptious shabby chic combination of fringe, a petite flower print, and {of course} a real potato sack.

Messenger bags are so convenient to carry around because they truly keep your hands free. The ribbon tie at the top keeps the bag securely closed.

A big pocket on the front of the potato sack bag is handy for phone, lipstick, keys and the like.

The back of the burlap messenger bag features the potato sack with the print going sideways.

This bag is soooooo much fun: stylish and rustic at the same time!

Awesome shabby chic bag, if I say so myself. I love carrying it around because it makes me feel stylish and young and funky, all at the same time.....

This framed grain sack is just charming....
Love the French Shabby Chic Styling....

And what do you think of this fabulous Shabby Chic Feed Sack pillow?
We could of course rename it
"Feed Sack Chic"
or "Potato Sack Chic"
Hmmmm............ I kinda like the sound of that...!

Get your potato sacks for your own fabulous sewing and creative project right here
The last two products products are available at Fabulously French, the messenger bag is from CrystelleBoutique

Have a Happy Burlap Sack Day!
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DIY Burlap is HOT

the DYI-Dish regularly does projects with burlap.

They mostly use regular burlap, but wouldn't it be cute to duplicate their fun designs with a burlap potato sack, so the print shows at random....?

I think it would be just striking and amazing.
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Check out the DYI Dish right here...

Potato Sack Dress Extraordinaire

Paige Pearson is the Junior Miss Blackfoot 2009-2010, and she is amazing!

  • She wears modest clothing,
  • She plays basketball
  • She is Senior Class President,
  • She responded to my email within the same day!
Very impressive for a 2010 teenager!

I asked her permission to use a picture of her wearing a potato sack dress to a Chukars Baseball game in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She responded very quickly with a collection of other pictures of her wearing her favorite potato sack dress!
Very gorgeous pictures...!

Here she is at the Chukars game, summer 2009

Blackfoot Idaho is considered the Potato Capital of the World....

And what could be better than the combination of a Potato Sack Dress Extraordinaire with the Famous Giant Spud from the Driggs Spud Drive-Inn....???

And how fun and spunky is the girl wearing it!

Thank you Paige, for sharing these awesome pictures! You look great in a potato sack!
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THIS is where you can get your own potato sack for YOUR sewing project....:)
To view additional Potato Sack Dresses, please follow this link.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Solanum Tuberosum

Solanum Tuberosum is the botanical name for the potato plant.
Isn't she beautiful?
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