Monday, August 13, 2012

Our New Website with Blog Included

Our new website includes a blog.  
Not all posts are about burlap creativity, 
but they are all FUN...
Come and stop by...!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Burlap Upholstered Chairs

gunny sack upholstered chairs

I received these photo's from Ashley.  She wanted to upholster her chairs and wondered how to treat her fabric.
So I sent her some tips {downloadable right here} 
She then used the tips I have available and covered the result with clear vinyl to make them more durable.
{so nothing gets snagged on the fibers}
Chairs - Before
It is SOOO nice when people send me pictures of how their projects turn out.  
I LOVE her chairs!  They look adorable, and she says they hold up great.  Theses are the chairs they use every day...!!  Lucky girl!

Burlap Sack Upholstered Chair

Isn't it fabulous how she put the print on at an angle.....?

This is what Ashley said:

"Your tips on upholstering coffee sacs helped me turn my old boring chairs into amazing conversation pieces! I actually use them on a daily basis and the thin vinyl covering is still holding up."

She's so nice.... 

To get your own potato sack prep tips, just follow this link... 

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