Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marilyn Monroe in Potato Sack Dress

Good morning blogging friends!
Bonjour!!  {for my French bloggy amis....}
Well, it's Wednesday & the list is long....
so how about a little reminiscing
before diving into work!
 About a year ago we had a fun contest where people came up with fun subtitles to tie this picture of Marilyn Monroe wearing a Potato Sack dress 
to the Crystelle Handbags line of Famous Potato Purses.
How fun it is to have a true classic dress made out of a potato sack!
It was so fun to see what kind of things people came up with.
The winning comment:
{selected by a jury of 9 adults who rated their number 1, 2, and 3 pick}
"What's in Your Bag?"
 Love that comment!!!
So amazingly witty and fittingly funny!

The winner was Melissa.  
Good work Melissa!!! 
She won this scrumptious and tempting Famous Potato Sack Handbag that was then also named after her.

 I have made the Melissa soooooo many times since that day, 
and it always reminds me of Melissa {the person}, and "What's in Your Bag," and the famous Marilyn Monroe Picture....
It's been such a fun bag...!!   Of course....
I just love the funky knotted handle on the Mellisa handbag... Isn't it fun!
It's a delicious bag that holds all my stuff so well and sooo comfortably!! 

The potato sacks came from right here

Fun times.  Good memories!
Makes me smile!
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Wanna make your own Melissa Handbag? It is easy to do! Visit RIGHT HERE to see the pattern and the potato sacks To view additional Potato Sack Dresses, please follow this link.
To view additional purses made out of feedsacks, please follow this link


Morgan said...

Wish we could all look like Marilyn!!
But since I can't I'll settle for the bag!
Not bad either!

Sundie said...

This is very adorable
Merci beaucoup!!

Sundie said...

I really like those flowers. They add some crazy cute pizzaz! :D

Melissa said...

Well, thanks for this posting. I love the Melissa bag! ~ could it be that I am somewhat partial toward it because I have the same name....?

Renee said...

That last piture is my fav.
Thanks much!

Dance in the Rain said...

Hi there! What a great idea to have this contest. Very cute. The winning entry is very fitting.


Barb said...

That first bag has great colors.
Hope the winner liked it.
Have a great day!

Fransisca Henderson said...

I like it a lot...
Dreaming of burlap...

angela barmagi said...

That last picture is my favorite. Of course the first one is great too!!!

JulzJewlz said...

Hi Crystelle,
I was looking for a picture of Marilyn in the Potato sack dress and this is where it brought me.I love your blog, you bags are adorable!! I'm from IF and live in Meridian.
Thanks for bringing a smile to me today!
Julz@ and

Mike said...

How do you make such beautiful bags out of potato bags?