Saturday, August 21, 2010

Burlap is Great "Green" Curtain Material

Goedemiddag iedereen!!!!
{That's Dutch for "good afternoon everyone....!!!"}

These "burlap"curtains are fabulous!
Love the rope tie-back!

Before I started my fascination with burlap and potato sacks, my sister-in-law was way ahead of me and made burlap curtains in her kitchen, including rope loops and knots.... They were just plain out adorable! But she moved on to bigger and better things before I caught on, so I don't have a picture of them....
The picture of these burlap curtains came from here.
Very cute!  Looks awesome!

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To view very cute and creative genuine coffee or potato sack curtains, please follow this link.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Wonderful Shabby Burlap Rose on a Burlap Bag.....!!!!

Hello there!!!!
Just so excited to share with you what Nancy from La Maison Reid has been up to lately.....

Let me tell you the background story:
First she saw a darling burlap purse online but it was $95!!!!   Now, she said she could afford $95 for a purse but wanted the challenge of seeing if she make one as cute for a whole lot less than $95!!!!!  So she hit the sewing room and came out with a VERY EXTREMELY STRIKINGLY darling burlap purse....!!!!  {not just a "regular" darling purse like the one she had seen online.....)

Nancy describes with wonderful pictures  on her blog how she fabricated the burlap bag.
She used the method from our own sister blog {Tutorial Boutique} to make the shabby burlap rose, 
like the one shown in Haute Handbags {Spring 2010 Issue}. 
It is so fun to see what the bloggy readers have come up with!
Please share with me what you are sewing up at home!
I am excited to show you what sewing projects I have up my sleeve, 
{or at least in the vicinity of the sewing machine......}

Thanks so much for stopping by...!!!

I love hearing {or reading} your feedback!

Keep me posted....hahaha
{Yes pun intended!!! lol!!!}

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finishing Up a New Pattern for a Burlap Purse.....

Good Morning Everyone!!!
Thought I'd show you some pictures of the purse that I am currently transforming into an easy pattern.

Yes! This is a simple purse to make!
Fun too!


Happy burlap handbag sewing!
:-) Crystelle
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eensy~Weensy~Teenie~Weenie Little Purse {Potato Sack Style}

hallo iedereen!
  hello friends!

as per Potato Boutique tradition:
another cute little Potato Sack Purse:
... it!
I just love the little patches of potato sack print,
combined with rope and ric-rac

Note to self:
gotta use more ric-rac...

Happy burlap sack sewing!
:-) Crystelle
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Haute Potato Mitt for the Hot Potato Lover

For the rustic potato sack chef.....
{you know how I love my Idaho Burlap! }

these are really so fun to fashion up!

This hot mitt is made with a true buralp potato sack
.....I love it because the texture
is so awesome!

it's made with heat and cold resistant batting.....

ok ~
so my neighbor tried to steal this
as soon as I showed her...
It will be a free giveaway on Blogmania soon..

I'll keep you posted....

Happy burlap sack sewing!
:-) Crystelle
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Calcium Nitrate Gunny Sack

As we vacationed in Central-Idaho, we came upon a gold dredge in the Sunbeam area. It was a wonderful "please touch" exhibit the children thoroughly enjoyed. One of the displays {which was completely unrelated to all the dredge displays} was this wonderful old gunny sack that used to contain Calcium Nitrate. I was so excited to see it and HAD to take this picture. Don't you just love the nostalgia that accompanies it?

This is what the tag reads:
Calcium Nitrate
from an abandoned mine
Not used in this dredge

This is what the gunny sack reads {OK, so I had a hard time making it all out....}:
100 pounds Net
Calcium Nitrate
Made in Norway
Synthetic Nitrogen Products Corp. New York, NY

Have a happy gunny sack day!

:-) Crystelle
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Shabby Chic Gunny Sack for Home Decor and More...!!!

Good Morning Everyone!
How wonderfully rustic chic is this gunny sack!
Gunny feed sacks make such a fantastic interior accent. It certainly adds to the "zip" factor....

Feedsacks are a true treasure when it comes to simple outdoorsy decor.

But wait! Why not take a rustic feedsack with you on your ventures OUT of your home!
A bag, tote, or handbag made out of feed sacks is the item you need to demonstrate your shabby outdoorsy style!

Gunny sacks, they're .... good....
Feed-sacks: Not just for feed anymore! hahaha!

Happy burlap sack sewing!
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Photo's by MadCreekDesigns

Outdoor Burlap Sack Decor

A wonderful way to bring the natural rural country feel to your backyard is to incorporate actual burlap potato sacks into your outdoor decorating. Burlap sacks match any decor theme and celebrate the great outdoors better than any other medium. Burlap feed sacks are available for a reasonable price and can be fashioned into numerous decorative items such as pillows, wall decor, shade protection, and scarecrows, just to name a few.....

Have fun potato sack sewing!
:-) Crystelle
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Delectable Shabby Chic Burlap Pillows


Savor the lovely sigh of these delectable burlap pillows found in Fine Bonnefections....
Feedsacks are such a marvelous fabric to celebrate life and living!

The whole atmosphere is exquisite.....
:-) Crystelle
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I Love Burlap Pillows and Curtains!

Check out this scrumptious burlap pillow....

these wonderful burlap curtains

Both are found in Wren's house...
Aren't they delicious?

Ahhh....burlap, print, the yummy turquoise wall....
I LOVE turquoise!

Life is good....
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Burlap Bird's Nest to Make Yourself

Jen from Redberry Barn made this amazingly CUTE birds-nest using burlap strips. 
What a marvelous idea!

She is just a phenomenal crafter!

The nest was made by making a large burlap rose, then adding some additional jute fibers and some additional tulle to make the bird and her eggs feel at home.

Very good, Jen! We love it around here!
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