Friday, August 6, 2010

Shabby Chic Gunny Sack for Home Decor and More...!!!

Good Morning Everyone!
How wonderfully rustic chic is this gunny sack!
Gunny feed sacks make such a fantastic interior accent. It certainly adds to the "zip" factor....

Feedsacks are a true treasure when it comes to simple outdoorsy decor.

But wait! Why not take a rustic feedsack with you on your ventures OUT of your home!
A bag, tote, or handbag made out of feed sacks is the item you need to demonstrate your shabby outdoorsy style!

Gunny sacks, they're .... good....
Feed-sacks: Not just for feed anymore! hahaha!

Happy burlap sack sewing!
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Photo's by MadCreekDesigns


Morgen Carlyle said...

That aqua cabinet is cute. Really make the gunny sacks POP!!!!

Sundie said...

This is super cute. I LOVE these pictures. Wish I knew where to get a hold of bags like that!

Crystelle Boutique said...

I'm with you Sundie!
I NEED some too......hahaha :-)

and yes, I LOVE that aqua cabinet too, Margen

Thanks for visiting my blog, ladies!

Dedra Klenklen said...

The cabinet is to die for!
Ooh la la!!