Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eensy~Weensy~Teenie~Weenie Little Purse {Potato Sack Style}

hallo iedereen!
  hello friends!

as per Potato Boutique tradition:
another cute little Potato Sack Purse:
... ahhhh....love it!
I just love the little patches of potato sack print,
combined with rope and ric-rac

Note to self:
gotta use more ric-rac...

Happy burlap sack sewing!
:-) Crystelle
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Crystelle Boutique said...

Come to think of it: that model is GORGEOUS!!!

Morgen Carlyle said...

Love the cute little purse and the pictures too!

Sundie said...

It's not THAT tiny!
But it is cute as a bug!!!
Good work!
Wanna see the pattern, definitely!

Emily said...

I like that picture too! Purse is fun toooo!!! YUM yum YUM

patty peterson said...

This is my favorite potato sack purse yet.
hugs xoxo

Trista Treasures said...

The ric rac adds.
You need to make more of these!

Nancy said...

Is that in your won front yard? Cute pictures.
:) Nancy

Hilda said...

Is that model your daughter?

Mike said...

I love the designs on that bag.