Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Calcium Nitrate Gunny Sack

As we vacationed in Central-Idaho, we came upon a gold dredge in the Sunbeam area. It was a wonderful "please touch" exhibit the children thoroughly enjoyed. One of the displays {which was completely unrelated to all the dredge displays} was this wonderful old gunny sack that used to contain Calcium Nitrate. I was so excited to see it and HAD to take this picture. Don't you just love the nostalgia that accompanies it?

This is what the tag reads:
Calcium Nitrate
from an abandoned mine
Not used in this dredge

This is what the gunny sack reads {OK, so I had a hard time making it all out....}:
100 pounds Net
Calcium Nitrate
Made in Norway
Synthetic Nitrogen Products Corp. New York, NY

Have a happy gunny sack day!

:-) Crystelle
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Sundie said...

Interesting. Didn't even know that they carried that kind of chemical in a burlap sack.... Did you?

Emily said...

Where is this dredge you are talking about....????????

Crystelle Boutique said...

Hi there Emily...!!!

This dredge i found in central Idaho near "Sunbeam"
It hasn't been used in years, and kids love going through it and looking at everything, and they are allowed to touch and play with all the equipment. They LOVE it...!!!

You should go!!
It's fun!

Kristin said...