Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Store Potatoes

Storing Potatoes (from the Gardeners Shop):

Do store potatoes in burlap potato sacks to allow potatoes to breathe.
Do handle potatoes with care as they bruise easily.
Do place potato sacks in a frost free, dark, dry & well ventilated area.
Do keep the potatoes away from strong smells or chemicals.

Do Not store potatoes in the fridge, the starch produced creates a horrible taste.

Do Not store potatoes in direct sunlight, as the potatoes will turn green and taste bitter.

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Potato Sack Bag for a Fun Bike Ride

This bake was made by "Schwinnspastic" from scratch using the following items:

  • Cleveland Welding Frame...unknown year or model
  • Wester Flyer Truss Rod Springer
  • Heavy Duty wheels.. New Departure model D hub
  • Schwalbe Fat Frank tires 26 x 2.35 with downhill tubes slimed of coarse
  • Schwinn crank with a 40 tooth sprocket
  • Repop Crate pedals
  • OE bars, grips and stems the rust shining through old silver paint
  • nos Union headlight
  • news boy rack
  • potato sack paper bag
  • paint Ace Rust Stop brown primer and Ace Sand enamel

Read more about it right here.
Happy biking!
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Potato Sack Dress

I love LOVE love LOVE this picture of a potato sack dress!
What a fabulous Haute Potato concept!
Isn't it great!

To view an article with LOTS of pictures of a really amazing REAL potato sack dress, please visit here.....

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To view additional Potato Sack Dresses, please follow this link.
The picture was drawn by Maddy Simpson who is a designer at Ralph Lauren and a freelance stylist.

I Heart Potato Sack Races

Potato Sack races are great summer fun!

The tote and T-shirt came from here...
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How to Grow Potatoes in a Burlap Sack!

Who would have ever thought of it?
I wouldn't! But Sharon Hanna has!
Though she gives credit to Jamie Oliver.

This is how:
Taken from her post, which you can read right here.

1. Get a potato sack
2. Roll the sack down. This is easiest with two people as the sack can be a bit resistant depending on the burlap, which seems to vary from tightly woven to very loose. The sack should then look a bit like a thin doughnut.
3. Add about 3 inches of soil—enough to totally cover the bottom. This should be regular garden soil—nothing too rich. Potatoes dislike fresh compost or manure.
4. Place three regular-size seed potatoes or four small (like bintjes or french fingerlings) about equidistant apart. Not too close to the edges, not too far away.
5. Barely cover with soil, and water lightly.

Place your potato sack anywhere that has enough sunlight

Very Important: Do not continue to add potatoes. The one layer on the bottom is all you need. Regular potatoes need a couple of feet between rows—they’ll produce lots that way. You can add soil ass they grow.

The potatoes will begin to sprout after awhile. Now, keep adding a bit of soil, barely covering leaves, and water lightly. Expect slow growth at first, especially if your spring is cold.

After about 100 days of growth, leaves will begin to yellow and the potatoes will be ‘done’. Stop watering them when the sack is quite full and the leaves start to die off.

Isn't it exciting! I love this idea!
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European Potato Sack Bag

Isn't this bag so cute!
A real European Potato Sack-Bag.
Being from the Netherlands (that's in Europe...for those of you who didn't know... hahaha), I am quite envious. Wish I knew where to get such burlap bags!

I'll have to call my mama and see if she knows....
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The RECYCLED POTATO SACK REUSABLE GROCERY BAG pictured is available right here.
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French Inspired Burlap Sachets and Pillows

THIS is beauty and burlap combined!
Very fun.

Very French, very rustic.

Good combo!

All these are made by Jennifer from LesPetitsTresors

Jennifer did a fantastic job!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Potato Sack" Dresses on Project Runway

A little while ago the assignment on Project Runway was to make something suitable for a party out of a potato sack.
I was excited about that assignment, but very surprised when I found out that instead of using genuine potato sacks, they were using regular burlap.
The dresses they came up with are cute. Some are cuter than others, but none of them look like a potato sack. I guess they aren't supposed to... Or maybe they were. I don't know.
Anyway. I thought it was cool to see this assignment, but I would have liked it a LOT more had they used actual potato sacks with actual "Grown in Idaho" print. I gotta speak up for Idaho, right? Plus regular burlap is much easier to work with than genuine potato sacks. A-ha! Maybe that's my motivation! I wished they would have felt my pain. HA!
No, that's horrible to think that.
Enjoy the pictures!

To read an article and view LOTS of pictures of a really awesome potato sack dress, please visit here.
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To make your own potato sack dress that will look a lot more phenomenal than these, acquire your bags from Potato Boutique on Etsy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Marilyn Monroe in Potato Sack Dress

Good morning blogging friends!
Bonjour!!  {for my French bloggy amis....}
Well, it's Wednesday & the list is long....
so how about a little reminiscing
before diving into work!
 About a year ago we had a fun contest where people came up with fun subtitles to tie this picture of Marilyn Monroe wearing a Potato Sack dress 
to the Crystelle Handbags line of Famous Potato Purses.
How fun it is to have a true classic dress made out of a potato sack!
It was so fun to see what kind of things people came up with.
The winning comment:
{selected by a jury of 9 adults who rated their number 1, 2, and 3 pick}
"What's in Your Bag?"
 Love that comment!!!
So amazingly witty and fittingly funny!

The winner was Melissa.  
Good work Melissa!!! 
She won this scrumptious and tempting Famous Potato Sack Handbag that was then also named after her.

 I have made the Melissa soooooo many times since that day, 
and it always reminds me of Melissa {the person}, and "What's in Your Bag," and the famous Marilyn Monroe Picture....
It's been such a fun bag...!!   Of course....
I just love the funky knotted handle on the Mellisa handbag... Isn't it fun!
It's a delicious bag that holds all my stuff so well and sooo comfortably!! 

The potato sacks came from right here

Fun times.  Good memories!
Makes me smile!
for the FREE Aerika purse pattern click here...!!!
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Wanna make your own Melissa Handbag? It is easy to do! Visit RIGHT HERE to see the pattern and the potato sacks To view additional Potato Sack Dresses, please follow this link.
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