Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Grow Potatoes in a Burlap Sack!

Who would have ever thought of it?
I wouldn't! But Sharon Hanna has!
Though she gives credit to Jamie Oliver.

This is how:
Taken from her post, which you can read right here.

1. Get a potato sack
2. Roll the sack down. This is easiest with two people as the sack can be a bit resistant depending on the burlap, which seems to vary from tightly woven to very loose. The sack should then look a bit like a thin doughnut.
3. Add about 3 inches of soil—enough to totally cover the bottom. This should be regular garden soil—nothing too rich. Potatoes dislike fresh compost or manure.
4. Place three regular-size seed potatoes or four small (like bintjes or french fingerlings) about equidistant apart. Not too close to the edges, not too far away.
5. Barely cover with soil, and water lightly.

Place your potato sack anywhere that has enough sunlight

Very Important: Do not continue to add potatoes. The one layer on the bottom is all you need. Regular potatoes need a couple of feet between rows—they’ll produce lots that way. You can add soil ass they grow.

The potatoes will begin to sprout after awhile. Now, keep adding a bit of soil, barely covering leaves, and water lightly. Expect slow growth at first, especially if your spring is cold.

After about 100 days of growth, leaves will begin to yellow and the potatoes will be ‘done’. Stop watering them when the sack is quite full and the leaves start to die off.

Isn't it exciting! I love this idea!
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