Saturday, May 22, 2010

Orange Sunset Haute Potato Sack Purse (Ginny Style)

Yes, I made another Ginny Potato Purse!
I swore I would never do it again, because they are so much work, but when my friend requested one for her birthday I could NOT turn her down!!!!!

So here it is. It is so cute, I forgive it (the purse, that is) for being so much work!

And isn't the lining she picked out so cheerful!!!
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When making your own purse out of a potato sack, go right here to get the genuine burlap printed Idaho Sack, and a pattern
To view additional purses made out of feedsacks, please follow this link


Imogen Hill said...

Orange rocks!
nice purse!

Destiny Parker said...

I like the lining...
And the burlap too...hahahaha lol!!!

Barma Joe said...

Lucky girl!

Mike said...

I love how orange it is on the inside.