Thursday, July 22, 2010

Burlap Bag with Folded Burlap Rose

Nancy from La Maison Reid made this VERY cute French style burlap bag with a wonderful folded burlap rose on it!
The tutorial to make your own folded burlap rose is right here.
she did a VERY GREAT job! Don't you think! I love the way it looks! So clean and simple!
Nice work, Nancy!
:-) Crystelle
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La Maison Reid said...

Hi Crystelle,
Thanks so much for featuring me but it was YOUR tutorial rose that made this tote so cute. I didn't see a button on your site so I made one and put a "I was featured" button on my sidebar.
LOVE all of your burlap projects!

Crystelle Boutique said...

Oh, Nancy! You are just so SWEET!!!!!
You really have a way with words!
And with needle and thread!

It's good to meet you through blogging!
Thanks again for being so kind!

MichaelLapar said...

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Sundie said...

check it out!!!!
It is so cute!
I think she did a great job!

Margaret said...

LOVe love LOVE the french bread!
Really adds!
Nice sewing!

B. Anna said...

Oooh so sweet and lovely. I must now check this out!