Saturday, July 31, 2010

Purses Made Out Of Feed Sacks

It is just so wonderful to see a purse that is made out of a feed sack!
I love the "green" feel to it.I love the outdoor, rural feel of reusing an existing burlap sack.
I love the feel of living off the land and making due with what you have that a real potato sack purse gives.

I love the feel of farming and country living that you get when you think of the original purpose of the feed sack.
Purses made out of burlap sacks are just wonderful!
Purses made out of feed sacks make you feel good to be alive!

The patterns to potato sack purses pictured and others are available at
{which is also the place to get your own genuine potato sacks....}

Happy Potato Sack Sewing!

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Morgen Carlyle said...

That shed (I assume that is what that is) is very rural rustic! LIKE it!!!!!

Sundie said...

I like the purse tree!!!!!!
Everybody needs one of those!

Crystelle Boutique said...

I agree: a purse tree is much better than say... a rock tree. Might hurt your head, if one happens to fall off the tree....!!!

Neidra said...

a purse tree!!

you funny

Cristine said...

That sled really adds. You did crazy good coming up with this idea!