Friday, July 16, 2010

Burlap Remote Control Storage Container

This storage bag is the perfect size to contain all the remotes that are always laying around in the living room. The name "CrystelleHandbags" typically denotes purses and bags to carry around, but a container that looks like a potato sack bag and just sits around, holding your precious items is JUST as useful, and just as much fun!
I know I took these pictures outside, but.... it looks good inside the house too... believe it or not.....
I love it.... I'm very happy our remotes of many sorts have a happy home now!
Remote Control Storage Solution
Isn't it adorable?
Potato Sack Very Adorable Storage Container

You need one in your TV room! It will look good, and you will never loose your remotes again...
So much fun! {I should say: SEW much fun! hahaha}

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Sundie said...

Yes! This is a good idea. I always have stray remotes all over the house......

Mike said...

You are obsessed with potato sacks but in a good cute way.