Saturday, July 31, 2010

Looking GREAT in a REAL Potato Sack Dress

Paige Pearson is a wonderful young lady who was the Junior Miss Blackfoot 2009-2010

In this picture she appears wearing a FABULOUS potato sack dress that was custom made just for her. After all, Blackfoot is the "Potato Capital of the World!"

Paige Pearson displays her spectacular potatosack dress with a Spud Drive-In Movie Theater Truck (the truck is cute too!!!!)

Come to think of it, YOU would look fabulous in a potato sack dress as well!!!

Happy Potato Sack Sewing!
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Morgen Carlyle said...

cute dress!
cute truck!

Sundie said...

cute idea!
Wonder if it's scratchy. Hope {for her sake} that it's lined.....

Orion said...

Blackfoot is lucky!

Paige Marlyn Pearson said...

I can't believe I just found your blog! I feel honored to be on it :) That was such a fun experience! I still have that wonderful dress, and yes thankfully it is lined! :) I love this blog!