Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chic Haute Potato Bag (aka PotatoSackPurse)

Hello Blogging Buddies! I made another Melissa Handbag!

I love this easy to sew pattern. And the bag always turns out so fun and great.
Exciting! This bag WANTS to go out on the town!
This very bag and the pattern is available for free at the main website:  CrystelleBoutique
See you there! Have a fantastically happy day!
The Melissa pattern is a creation of Crystelle Handbags
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Sundie said...

Cute fabric combo's!!!!
Nice work, girl!

Trista said...

Very chic!!!

Reagan B said...

It's very cute.

Trina Brady said...

That zebera print really makes it.

Nice sewing.!

Loralee said...

Oh my!
That is a very good-looking bag there