Saturday, July 31, 2010

Coffee Sack Curtains~Valances

Have you checked out these burlap coffee sacks? They are so incredibly spectacular!
I love the way the vintage burlap coffee sacks are intact: not cut into at all. 
No cutting, no sewing....
Just some draping and tying.
Soooooo fun!  So simple!
So spectacular!
This is really a FABULOUS project. Very very nice!!!

Love 'um!
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To view additional coffee or potato sack curtains, please follow this link.
Potato Sacks are available right here.  


Morgen Carlyle said...

to die for cute!

Sundie said...

Oh WOW!!!!!!!
I am speechless!

Dixie said...

Very nice

Ashley said...

HI! These curtains are adorable! Do you know how they tacked them to the wall or are they on a rod? Thanks for your help!

Crystelle said...

Hi Ashley,

You know, I have often wondered that myself. It looks very casual, yet it also looks like they have kind of hardware up there at the top....
Beats me.

I would try tacking it to a piece of 1x2 or something.

Good luck.

When I made mine I used a rake, and just draped them on. They are not at all attached, but since no one ever touches them, they stay put just fine....

Have fun with that project!

Mike said...

That blue pillow case is extremely beautiful. I love it.