Monday, May 10, 2010

Shabby Chic Burlap

A scrumptious shabby chic combination of fringe, a petite flower print, and {of course} a real potato sack.

Messenger bags are so convenient to carry around because they truly keep your hands free. The ribbon tie at the top keeps the bag securely closed.

A big pocket on the front of the potato sack bag is handy for phone, lipstick, keys and the like.

The back of the burlap messenger bag features the potato sack with the print going sideways.

This bag is soooooo much fun: stylish and rustic at the same time!

Awesome shabby chic bag, if I say so myself. I love carrying it around because it makes me feel stylish and young and funky, all at the same time.....

This framed grain sack is just charming....
Love the French Shabby Chic Styling....

And what do you think of this fabulous Shabby Chic Feed Sack pillow?
We could of course rename it
"Feed Sack Chic"
or "Potato Sack Chic"
Hmmmm............ I kinda like the sound of that...!

Get your potato sacks for your own fabulous sewing and creative project right here
The last two products products are available at Fabulously French, the messenger bag is from CrystelleBoutique

Have a Happy Burlap Sack Day!
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Emily said...

This is chic. Love it!

angela barmagi said...

Go shabby chic burlap!
Mesmerizingly adorable!