Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Best Pincushion Ever - Made with a Potato Sack

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down on the couch to do a little hand-sewing, and then you realize that you forgot your scisssors....So.... You get up and get them. Then you stitch along and soon you realize that you are short some thread... So.... You get up to get some more thread. You keep stitching. Then you realize that you need some pins..... So.... You get up and get those....
etc. etc. etc.

It is so frustrating!

That is why this is the best pincushion ever! You can sit down on the couch and bring your little pincushion. Inside you keep the matching thread, the little pair of scissors, etc. On the top are the pins and an extra needle, just in case.

PROBLEM SOLVED. You can just sit down on the sofa and not get up till you are done stitching! Ideal!!!

NICE!! :)

And it doesn't hurt that it's CUTE because of the awesome up-cycled potato sack....

Happy Pinning!

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