Friday, February 10, 2012

A Potato Sack Fashioned into a Purse: by Krista

You have to come see this adorable purse, made from a genuine Idaho potato sack....!!!!!

Potato Sack Purse Made by Krista
The purse is sooo adorable, 
Not to mention the the model, she is just adorable too...!!!

Lazy Saturdays:  Krista and Purse

AND Krista also turns out to be the awesome creator of this fun purse!!!!!
Burlap Sack Purse..... to die for......
And guess what:  she dyed the burlap potato sack first.....
Good thinking....!!!!

I love it....

See Krista's original post here

*What are some of your favorite up-cycled materials to use for making a purse....