Tuesday, September 28, 2010

King of the Coals {Burlap Style}

And now for all you Dads out there who love to show off your skills at the barbecue grill
{wearing your Hot Potato Mitts} 

This is a very hilarious clip you Dads will really appreciate.

{I apologize, but you will have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and pause the music on Play-list before you can hear this clip properly.....}

Note the wording
It is so funny!!!!
"...Then it's back to the house
Preppin' for the BBQ
Brats, Dogs, Rackaroos, Whatever
Get me on the Wieber, man
Nobody does it betta
Call me Lord of the Grill
I'm King of the Coals
Nanna's Secret Recipe
You know how I roll...." 

Good times!!!


Just Me and My Halo said...

Hi! I love these oven mitts ... are they for sale anywhere?? Would love some hot pads, too!

Grace & Blessings,

Crystelle Boutique said...

Hi Crystal!

I am so glad you like these hot potato mitts! They are so funny!

Currently I am completely out, but I will let you know as soon as I get some more made up!

Thanks for the interest!
Have a wonderful and terrific day!

CandaceAshley said...

Thanks for the blog love!! I truly appreciate the comments and the blog about me! I too have blogged about your wonderful burlap purses and bags! I want to share the ideas with all my friends and family!


Crystelle Boutique said...