Saturday, November 28, 2009

Burlap Poppies (Out of a Potato Sack....)

Some scraps of the potato sack {after it has been used for a sewing project} are perfect for use as embellishment such as these poppies!
Very easy instructions on making these are right here.
Have fun!

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Che Birba said...

Lovely idea!
I will link you on my blog and I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

Laura from Italy

Crystelle Boutique said...

Very good! Thank you Che Birba! Your blog is great!

Lizabeth said...

That is a cute flower. Haven't seen them done like this before. Did you think um up.....????

Anonymous said...

I do not have any patterns or things to share but I do have some burlap ideas that my grandmother shared with me when I was 8. I wish I would have gotten a pattern from her before she passed. I was not told she was even ill and not even told in time to go pay my respects. She told me that it was the basis for toys made for the farmer's young son's and daughters and was usually crafted by a mother, aunt or older female sibling. These were the burlap and muslin bunny, puppy, kitty, and teddy with gingham bows. The muslin was the inner backing as I recall and the burlap was sewn on top of the muslin. Then the item was stuffed with usually scraps of fabric from other sewing projects that were too small to use for anything else. The nose, mouth and whiskers if any were embroidery type work. The eyes were usually buttons. Although this next one is not a burlap item she taught me how to make kerchief dolls which were made for young girls and were designed as angels to keep the young girls quiet during services in church when she was a young girl. Well I hope that someone can benefit from this. I love the burlap ideas I have seen. And yes she made burlap Christmas stockings, a rustic type of cross stitch wall hangings, and hook rug type wall hangings as well from the burlap. These were the old burlap potato sacks mind you. The kind they would get real Idaho potatoes in. LOL

Crystelle Boutique said...


Thank you so much for your contribution!
I love hearing about these things. Wish I could see pictures!!!